Sunday, 15 June 2008

Wow! So here it is... first post on my own blog! I've been playing with the layout of it for a couple of days now & I'm finally happy enough with it to be able to post - although there are a few more things I'm going to try and do on it lol
Another big thank you to Duchess Designs for allowing me to use 'Secret Garden' to get this blog looking so great!
So you may be wondering who I am & why I decided to get my own blog well in addition to what I've written about myself on the sidebar, here goes...
I started digi-scrapping in January this year after discovering it was soooooooooo much easier (& less expensive) than paper scrapping which I had a brief affair with in the middle of last year but with a baby crawling around and another one on the way I knew my scrapping was going to have to take a back seat for a while! That was until a search through Google put the idea of digi scrapping in my head - I've been hooked ever since! It seemed like a natural progression for me as I have a background in computers & now I'm often on my laptop during my kiddies nap time & after they've gone to bed playing with my latest lo in PSE 6.0.

I am now a member of several forums & a few weeks ago I had the good news of being picked to join Just Passin' Thru's CT! I'm still excited about the news lol I've already done a couple of lo's for JPT which I hope to show on my blog along with some of my other lo's I'm most proud of.

As for my aspirations in the digi scrapping world...well I'd love to be on a couple more CT's & after using my graphics tablet for the first time the other day, possibly getting into designing eventually once my kiddies have grown up a bit & I get a bit more free time lol

Well you've probably read enough about me now so I hope you'll come back to my blog occasionally to see how I'm getting on & what lo's I've been doing, if I come across any good freebies then I'll probably post on here too...I'm off now to see if I can tweak this blog design a bit more!