Thursday, 10 July 2008

Busy, busy, busy!!!

So My little girl Caitlyn is 2yrs & 4mths so we thought it's time we had a go at potty training her...hubby is on holiday from work this week so we decided to just go for it. Until today it wasn't really going anywhere BUT today is a different story! She's gone 3 times - two of those were by herself! I'm so proud of her! She's having her nap at the moment, I'm hoping she's as successful this afternoon!
Anyway in between all this I've managed to find the time to design my own blog blinkie & forum avatar using the gorgeous 'Secret Garden' kit by Duchess Designs!
Here's my blinkie...

and here's my avatar...

I don't think they're bad for a first attempt!

I've also just finished a lo using a new cut up photo action that's going to be available soon by The Digi Twins @ (There's also going to be a vertical version available which I will do a lo with shortly)

I was in a hanging & overlapping mood when I created this one lol!
What do you think?
Here's the credits:

From a collab kit by Divine Digital (there doesn't seem to be a name for the kit):
Brown Circle backing paper - by Kawouette
Pink fading paper & String - by July
Heart Button - (no designer name stated)
Butterfly & Heart Ribbon - by mimilou
Two Flowers & Glitter Splats - by Chris Scrap's Designs

Others Bits:
Frame (recoloured by me) - by Ellie Lash
Green Stitching - by Duchess Designs (Secret Garden Kit)
Alpha (recoloured by me) - by Foxy Designs
Cut Up Photo Action - by The Digi Twins

No doubt I'll be posting again soon, so please come back & visit me :0)


Michelle said...

Yay for potty training!! I'm so not looking forward to that. Your blinkie and avatar are great!!

Juliana said...

So funny that I just wrote a blog entry titled "busy, busy!"

Congrats on the potty training. I hope it continues to be successful!

I especially like your avatar button - very cute!

AfriDigiDiva said...

I'm so glad I'm beyond this phase.

Dawn said...

Your blinkie and avatar are great! Good luck with the potty training.

Totally Rawkin Designs said...

Great layout!Good luck with the pottying. I have a 3, 2, and a 1 yr old and am doing my best to get them to potty!
Great blinkie!

michellewaite1 said...

Cute layout. I hope she potty trains easily. I don't think my son will ever potty train.

schneeflocke said...

love your avatar button, great job. The action is very cool. Hugs from another Tigi Twins-CT-Member

ScrapShana said...

great news on the potty training! that's a big milestone!
your blog and blinkie look good, too. :)