Saturday, 4 October 2008

I Can't Believe...

It's very nearly been a whole month sice I last blogged! I'm not very good at this am I? lol
So I've been doing lo's here and there when time allows as I currently need eyes in the back of my head as my 10mth old son has started walking! He took his first steps back in August but then didn't do anymore until September - now we can't stop him lol! He also has some more teeth coming through & so is not the happiest baby in the world - especially at night! My toddler Caitlyn is having less tantrums but is becoming more indecisive by the day - first she want's help, then she want's to do it herself & she switches between the two until I finally give up & leave her to it or I've had enough & just do whatever it is for her lol She is also in the 'helping' stage - especially when it comes to cooking! I let her help as much as I can so I should have some cute photos to scrap soon :)
Anway back to scrapping - I'll only show you a couple of my most recent lo's - I don't want to bore you any further if you're still reading lol & then there's news of a SALE!!

Here is my most recent lo called 'Pure Innocence'

Credits are here

Here is - A Month Of Firsts

Credits are here

And now for the SALE....The Digi Twins are one of DST's sponsors for the month of October sooooooo if you look in the DST Insider you will find a code to get 30% off of The Twins designs! If you haven't downloaded your copy of the insider for this month yet, go to DST, click on 'downloads' along the very top of the page & get your copy to get your code :0)

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Monique said...

I remember when my DD was in that indecisive stage! Oh boy that drove me nuts! Most of the time it was because she was having trouble doing something herself and needed help but still wanted to do it herself. So I'd just try to calm her down and help her work through it so she was still doing it herself with just verbal help from me. But it was hard. Have a great day!

SarahB said...

Such sweet layouts!

Laura M said...

Awesome layout Ellie. Love the pure innocence page. Great tidbit about the sale at digitwins too. Hugs!

Melissa said...

Beautiful layouts, toddlers can definately be a handful.