Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Another week has passed!

And what a week it has been!! Up until Friday night it was great, my hubby is on holiday from work so we're having some quality family time for once but over the last few days it hasn't been nice as the four of us have had a sickness bug :( My youngest, Zach, had it first, then my daughter, Caitlyn, then my hubby & then finally me lol - although I think I've been lucky and had it the least :) My poor little Caitlyn though definately had it the worst, she was so upset (she's only 2) but hopefully we're all over it now & getting back to normal!

Me & my hubby spent this morning clearing out our bedroom to make room for the Christmas presents we're buying so we can hide them from the kiddies. Anyway while we were 'clearing out' we found a nasty LOAD of damp in the corners of our room, it seems to be getting everywhere! We only rent our flat so I got on the phone to our landlord straight away who will hopefully be coming to have a look at it pretty quickly! It's playing on my mind a bit!

Anyway as for scrapping, well I haven't really done much over the last few days except leave some comments in some galleries as I've been going to bed early but I did manage to finish this page for a journaling challenge over at ColorLineDesign. The challenge was to record a conversation & it inspired me to record a conversation between Caitlyn & her Daddy just hours before...

The journaling reads: 'Our little Caitlyn, you are only 2 years old but you can be so cheeky! Sometimes though Mummy and Daddy can't help but laugh at some of the things you say. An example happened tonight while you were watching the Playhouse Disney channel...
Daddy: What's on next Caitlyn?

Caitlyn: Johnny and the sprites

Daddy: Are you sure? I think it's My Friend Rabbit

My friend rabbit starts...

Caitlyn: Oh yeah, it's My friend Rabbit silly Daddy

Daddy: Silly Caitlyn, I was right

Caitlyn: No you're not

Daddy: Yes I am, you said Johnny & the sprites was on next

Caitlyn: No (she pauses) you're not right silly

Daddy: I am

And so it continued until Daddy changed the subject!'

You can find the credits here. The kit I used is called 'Frog Princess' & I love it! It's by MerCas Designs - here's the preview

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As always, thanks for reading :)


Mary said...

That kit is adorable and your dd is to funny don't you love how they think. If I weren't leaving for a trip I'd so be all over these sales :(

TLC Designs said...

That kit is adorable! I just love the little frog on it and your layout is perfect!! :)

Melissa said...

Great layout, I love recording my kids funny conversations too.