Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Where Does The Time Go?

I cannot belive we're nearly half way through November already!!! I've been quite busy over the last couple of weeks, hence the lack of blog posts lol! I've been getting used to new ct's and I'm totally loving it! Both designers are awesome & I'm trying my best to promote their products when I can :)
I say 'when I can' as I've been busy with life outside of digi scrapping as well - to start with I seemed to have picked up my love of reading again. There's a site over here in the UK where you can swap any kind of books & all you pay is the price of postage! It's really great for a family like mine who love books (well me & my kiddies anyway) & is on a tight budget. I've managed to get a couple of Christmas books to share with my 2 yr old daughter & I can't wait! I'm leaving it for another week or so as we have a special occasion coming up...
it's my little man's 1st birthday on Saturday!!! We bought his birthday presents AGES ago as we had a toy shop closing down in our town centre & I'm all for a bargin lol! So this week when I'm not on my computer, I'm thinking about his special day coming up :) My mum is coming down from Kent to see him - I think she's secretly quite excited as she missed my daughter's as she was living in the states back then. I'm just planning a little tea party sort of thing as I know he won't realise the day is different to any other! I can't believe how quick the year has gone. I had a homebirth with Zach & it all still seems so fresh in my mind - this time last year I was climbing the walls waiting for him to arrive (he was 8 days overdue!) it's hard to believe it was very nearly a year ago!
Anyway, back to digi scrapping, my two ct's have taken me to a couple of new forums where there are some AWESOME designers! My favourite forum/shop/gallery at the moment has to be Designing Moments. Apart from the wonderful Pretty Pixels whose ct I'm on, I've also spotted MerCas Designs whose shop is here. I'm not sure if she sells anywhere else - this is the first I've heard of her myself but then I don't get around much lol! I have 3 kits of hers at the moment that I'm drooling over -
The first is 'Frog Princess' - I love the colours of this kit, the frog is sooo cute & I love that little castle!
The next one is 'My Boy' - with this one I like the texture of the papers, the stars & colours.
And last but definately not least there is 'My Perfect Christmas' - I love the different colours for a Christmas kit and I think the elements are adorable in this kit The spirit of Christmas is defiantely entering our house now (we've nearly got all our Christmas shopping done!)
Anyway I've gone on long enough, thank you so much for reading my long post :)


Barb said...

Great kits!