Saturday, 25 April 2009

I Was Worrying Over Nothing lol...

Why is it when you're really worried about a mile stone in your child's life, they just seem to take it in their stride & make you feel like an idiot for worrying about it in the first place?? So my dd started nursery this week & I was worried about all sorts of things not to mention feeling so old because she's growing so fast, but it all appears to be for nothing! My dd absolutely LOVES nursery - she was very proud of herself yesterday because she got a sticker for helping to tidy up the playroom :) She seems to be more of an observer at the moment but I'm hoping that will change in time. I'm so proud of her!
And as for feeling old, well my friend SuzyQ has helped me with that one by pointing me towards God - but that's another, long, story so I'll leave that there ;)
It's been pretty quiet on my CT's but I have done a few pages & I've finally got a book organized of dd's first year to print! All I have to do is upload it to Artscow. Apparently they have a new kick butt printer & I'm interested to see how good it is - not to mention the codes I have so I only have to pay shipping ;) If I like what I get then it will be ds's first year next!
Here's my latest page for SuzyQ Scraps using 'Funny Bunnies' this was also for the Mystical Mottos challenge over at ESS there's still time to play if you're interested ;)

Don't forget SuzyQ Scraps store is 30% off until the end of April which includes these new releases - Bug Collectin'
and Nature Walk

Well that's all the news I have for you today, I hope you have a lovely weekend - thanks for reading :)


Dielle said...

What a cute blog you have. And I love your LO with the chocolate buttons. She's adorable!!!

Claudi said...

wow Ellie, wonderful layouts! love them!

IvoryKeys said...

I'm glad things went well this week, Ellie. Your layouts are adorable as always. Thanks for being there for me too, it really means a lot to me.

Dawn said...

Love your layout, she is a cutie! Sigh...I remember those days. Mine is all grown up, and there are still milestones to go through, lol.