Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Do You Print Your Digital Scrapbooking Pages?

So do you end up printing your digital scrapbooking layouts?
I'm in the process of putting together my daughter's 4th year book. Basically I do about a page a month for each year of her life. She's 5 in March so I'm nearly up to date after scrapping my butt off a few months ago for her books and also my son's books :)
I actually have three printed for Caitlyn, two for Zach (who is 3 in November) one book of layouts that features both of them and one book for general family pages. I always get them printed at Artscow because I love their coupons! I can basically get the book printed for free and only pay for shipping which takes about two weeks - not too bad considering I'm in the UK. The print quality is also GREAT! Sometimes the red colours seem a bit bright, but they're not so severe that I've bothered to contact their customer services.
Here are some pictures of our first family book which I got printed about two months ago...
 To help me get the bleed and positioning of my pages and cover just right I also use these templates by Wendyzine over at Scrapbook Graphics. They are my lifesaver! I convert each 12x12 layout into 8x8 as I just find 12x12 books are VERY expensive and very difficult to handle as they're so big. Every time a book of mine is delivered I just get so excited looking at the results of my time spent digi scrapping. I just hope my kids will appreciate the books when they grow up!


parbophotography said...

Looks pretty nice, I just got into this and still looking into a lot of it....it's quite addicting!!