Saturday, 9 January 2010

Happy 2010!

So this is my first post of the year and so much has happened for my family already lol! As I write this we're under about 6 inches of snow which is very rare for where I liveon the south east coast of England. The last time we had this much snow was when I was in high school - about 13 years ago! Today we took our kiddies out in the garden and built 2 very big snowman which will be feauturing in a layout soon :)
We've also had our first trip to A&E for 2010...our 2 year old decided to put a piece of sweetcorn up his nose *sigh* I stayed behind with our 3 year old daughter who wanted to go to bed & my hubby took Zach to the hospital. They had a 2 hour wait and with an inch or so of snow on the roads at the time I was worried sick the whole time they were gone. But the good news is they got the sweetcorn out of Zach's nose with no problems while he was sleeping apparently he stirred and then when back to sleep while I was worried sick at home...yeah typical lol
We've also made the decision to get a kitten to add to our family :) I phoned up a cats charity at the beginning of the week but then the snow began to fall and so I'm having to be REALLY patient as the lady who does the home visits to make sure your home is suitable & the cattery have had more snow fall than us and are currently snowed in! Although we're having a great time playing in the snow, I also can't wait for it to clear so I can get nearer to a little kitty-cat :)
As for digi scrapping, well I've had some major computer issues already this year which has resulted in me having to re-install windows TWICE lol therefore I haven't had much scrapping time. I have managed to get a couple of pages done but for now I must go to bed as it's getting late here - I'll be back tomorrow to show you my new layouts.
So how is 2010 treating you so far?
Thanks for reading & Happy New Year :)