Thursday, 26 August 2010

A New Blog Look

So, I've spent some time playing with the look of my blog once again and this is what I've come up with! What do you think?!
Customizing the simple Blogger templates is something that I really enjoy doing :) I love playing with the html code and making custom images for my sidebar titles - I have a background in computing and of course my hobby of digital scrapbooking is helping me with the graphics - and not to mention the products of the fabulous SuzyQ Scraps who gave me permission to use her products to make my blog look great! (I used Giggle Monsters for the everything except the titles, for those I used her Oopsie-Doodle: Alpha 1 Oh and for the frame around my header I used Oopsie-Doodle: Frames 1)
So what do you have planned for your day? Over where I am in the UK the weather is not so good. We've got gusty winds and rain so we're having a day indoors. I've built a pretend park for my kiddies from the sofa cushions and they're having a blast!
I've posted on Scrapping With Liz's blog this morning if you want to check out her new releases - there's also a freebie over there that she's made for you :)
There's also an awesome photography course going on that I've found through CreativeLIVE. Jasmine Star is teaching how to photo shoot a wedding - and they actually have a real wedding going on on Friday so you can she her in action! The classes are all aired by video live and I watched from 8pm to 10pm last night - it actually went on until about 1am over here because of the timezone difference, but I managed to catch up with the couple of hours I lost this morning when they replayed the video from last night. If you're into photography you should really check it out - I've learnt so much! You can check out the creativeLIVE calendar to check out the class times where you are. It all finishes on Sunday though so get in there now if you're interested - it's free of course - I don't have the money right now for paid courses lol!
Anyway let me know what you think of my blog look & give me a shout if you're looking to customize your Blogger blog - I may be able to lend a virtual hand :)


di basnett said...

Love your new look Ellie. So fresh and funky! Great job!

caits said...

love your new look its ace!!!!

Marion said...

Looks gorgeous Ellie